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ProjectNo of RoomsTower NameAreaDetails
Ajnara 3Blossom (Flat No. 3,4) & Monarch (Flat No.2,3,4,5)1750View
Ajnara 2Emerald (Flat No. 2,3)1105View
Ajnara 2Emerald (Flat NO. 6,7)1250View
Ajnara 3Emerald (Flat No. 1,8)1395View
Ajnara 3Emerald (Flat No. 4,5)1695View
Ajnara 3Glory (Flat No. 5,6)1750View
Ajnara 3Glory (Flat No. 2,3)1750View
Ajnara 3Glory (Flat No. 1,4)1880View
Ajnara 3Kingston (Flat No. 1,6)1530View
Ajnara 3Monarch (Flat No. 6)1880View
Ajnara 4Monarch (Flat No. 1)2070View
Ajnara 2Nector (Flat No. 4,5)1250View
Ajnara 3Nector (Flat No. 3,6)1575View
Ajnara 3Nector (Flat No. 1) and Saffron Golf (Flat No. 10)1425View
Ajnara 4Nector (Flat No. 2) and Saffron Golf (Flat No. 11)1875View
Ajnara 3Blossom (Flat No. 2,5) and Saffron (Flat No. 1,2)1530View
Ajnara 2Saffron (3,4), Kingston (2,3,4,6) and Blossom(1,6)1250View
Ajnara 2Saffron (Flat No. 5,6,7,8)1050View